resistToday’s Daily Prompt is Resist. I’m guessing this word was chosen due to the overwhelming feeling of many Americans to resist the wrongs they see happening in the world.

You see our Congressional leaders being asked to resist in the seemingly automatic follow-through of some to want to push through anything from Trump’s agenda. This includes his choices for cabinet, to his southern border wall or the banning of people coming to America.

Trump has people that have no qualifications for the positions they are being asked to take on. Ben Carson at Housing and Urban Development? Why? Because he’s African American? Dr. Carson was ¬†a neurosurgeon before entering politics. What the actual fuck is this appointment about! I would have understood if he’d hired one of his real estate buddies, but this one makes zero sense. … But not as least sense as Betsy DeVos as education security. I mean… the lady thinks having guns on campus is OK, because of the grizzly bears. Not to mention all of the alleged plagiarism in her questionnaire answers for her hearings. An education secretary. Plagiarizing. I’m sure this would piss off many an English teacher.

The Southern Border Wall. This was his big selling point during the election. I get why he’s big on doing this. I really do. But. He said Mexico was going to pay for this wall. They aren’t. And they are passionate in not paying for it. One of the proposals to pay for this wall is a tariff on items imported from Mexico. This would include avocados. In a local story I read on what this would do to my local economy in Arkansas, an avocado now costs 79-cents. The tariff would bring the price up to over two dollars. Mexican restaurants, and my home town has a ton of those little authentic restaurants, load up on avocados for guacamole. That damn wall is going to jack up the costs of guac, y’all.

Guac is extra. Yeah, we know. Thanks Trump!

The banning of people from certain countries is … horrible. It’s the most un-American thing I’ve ever heard. We are suppose to be the nation that is welcoming to people from oppressed regions. This has been the fabric of our country. I get wanting to protect the American people from evil. I do. But this is ridiculous. The stories of people being detained at airports over the weekend, including a 5-year-old boy, were heartbreaking. Sean Hannity of Fox News will tell you it’s only 109 people. But fuck that. It’s 109 too many.

The stories of people being questioned – including their thoughts on Trump and then having their social media examined … that’s pretty fucking fascist.

It would be nice to see all of this resisted. For our leaders to stand up for American values.

I would prefer a fucking challenge to the president’s, or Steven Bannon’s, ¬†actions.

In this time of Trump, that’s obviously way too much to ask.