I don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed all the time, these days!

The news is incredibly overwhelming. Just turning on the news or glancing at the alerts on your phone can send you into a veritable panic attack. There’s everything from President Trump, to the former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, being in bed with the Russians, to our government thinking it’s not a big deal that this has happened. I really think all parties involved, from Congress to our media, need to wake up and realize this isn’t good. The United States is an amazing place founded on principles of freedom … and this is all a spit in the face of it. Just… Come on America. Come on. We’re better.overwhelming-banner

Work. Work is just always overwhelming. I was promoted last year. I learn new stuff every single day. I like and hate the overwhelming feeling all the time. … Being unemployed is more overwhelming, though. I just remind myself of that every time I get stressed out about little stuff at work. Just acknowledging the stuff is little in comparison to other things is a huge step. It works for me.

Working a night shift that causes you to be exhausted all the time? At least, you have a job and you’re feeling these feelings.

And then Life. I love living. But damn, it’s overwhelming, too. Finding the time to do all that you need? Going to the gym to get that much needed work out in so you don’t rage at loved ones? Eating properly? Getting enough rest? Finding the time to write and do photography? Wanting to do every stinking thing you want but logically knowing you can’t right this second?

Yeah. It’s overwhelming. Acknowledge that and just do what you can. Everything else will be ok.