Woops and ‘Orange is the New Black’ Thoughts

Yes, yes I did already fail at writing something new everyday.

It happens. And for me, it will happen a lot. I work a job that is mentally exhausting. But here’s the thing. I know I’m writing more. And that was the main goal.

I saw this article this week about what show had the most viewership in 2016.

To me, that was no shock at all that Orange is the New Black was the top show for 2016. Season 4 of the series was like a reward for sticking with the show through season 2 and 3. While S2 and 3 were a bit of a let down after a first season that really sucked you in, Orange is the New Black was starting to lose me. I love the character development and the real world stories it tells. That is what drew me into this show and kept me waiting for more during Seasons 2 and 3. Disappointed as I had been, I tuned in for Season 4. I already got word from the folks who seriously binge this show that Season 4 was going to be a good one and that I may even find myself emotionally invested. … Emotional investment is never something I need. But they were right.

The fourth season had more character development and story lines that were just amazing. I normally take my time with the seasons, stretching it through June and July. Not Season 4. Yeah, I started and finished that baby in June.

I knew to expect a lot toward the end of the season. I didn’t expect what exactly we got at the 12th episode. What happened at the end of that episode still leaves me gut punched. I am no spoiler, you watch it and you’ll know what I mean!

So yes, I loved me some season 4 and I’m excited for what Season 5 will bring this summer. Hopefully they don’t play with my emotions again.

No one needs that!