Book Club For 2? Why Not

Melissa with Stirrup-Queens has a weekly MicroBlogMonday idea she throws around. This week, the topic is having a Book Club For Two.

The idea is like this:

Rather than reading the book ahead of time, they read it over the phone to one another.  They can discuss it in real time or just relax and listen to the story.

The idea is great. I can already imagine a few people I could have fun doing this with because it would be fun reading with them, using accents and over dramatizing. I can also think of a few that I would just love hearing read to me and we can share thoughts so… I love this idea.

My one issue though comes from the reminder of a slow night at work a couple of summers ago.

There was a group of about six women and we were just sitting around waiting for phone calls and chatting with each other. We noticed one of the girls had a copy of 50 Shades of Grey on her desk. She had gone to get a drink so one of the girls grabbed it and began reading aloud. Good solid fun.

Then, she decided we all needed to read sections in our sternest customer service voice. She handed the book over to me and marked the page she wanted me to read.

All I remember is that involved Christian telling Anastasia something about having relations on the hood of his car. It was super descriptive and I read it slow, and in my sternest customer service voice. I would glance up occasionally while reading it but in one spot .. that was super descriptive … I looked up at the friend that handed me the section to read and read it looking right in her eyes for dramatic effect.

My part ended and I was flipping pages for the next reading. I looked up with eyes stunned and jaws dropped. I smiled and laughed. The girl I’d read to was fanning herself and said that things are now awkward between us.


But yes, Book Club for 2 sounds like a great idea. You might just want to avoid reading 50 Shades of Grey! … Or not! Whatever. It’s book club between friends, right?

What do you think of this idea?!