What’s Wrong With Empathy?

During the Golden Globes Sunday evening, Meryl Streep accepted the Cecil B. DeMille for her distinguished acting career. Streep took this as an opportunity to call out President-elect Donald Trump and his bullying ways and his lack of empathy, and so on and so forth.

It was a great speech. You can watch it here:

It was great. She gave her opinion. She wasn’t telling anyone how to feel. It was just her saying how she felt about the man taking the office of president later this month. We all have that right to express our opinion. It’s one of those things that makes America wonderful.

But … then you have Twitter. You could find people Tweeting that because Streep is “rich” she has no right to talk politics. And then, there’s Arizona Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan taking to twitter with this:

Seriously? How is telling someone to have empathy wrong? Trump downplayed your father’s service to this country because he was a POW. You more than anyone should respect what she is saying. Turns out the tweet was more of a lure to get people to tune in to her program tomorrow. … Nice!

And then, we got this little tart from The Blaze:

Tomi. You’re a talking head on The Blaze who lectures people how to feel on issues of race. You’re a blonde, white girl. Let’s not.

How about this people? Let’s stop telling each other how to feel or how not to feel. After this election, there is so much disrespect in this country. It’s awful. Let’s let people feel how they want. Let’s go back to those rules you should have learned growing up … to have respect and courtesy and compassion for others. What on earth happened to that compassion? Why have we become so hateful?

It’s past time to show Trump that his hate-filled rhetoric, his lack of respect for common people isn’t what we want in this country.

We’ve got four years for him to at least get that clue. … I hope.