resistToday’s Daily Prompt is Resist. I’m guessing this word was chosen due to the overwhelming feeling of many Americans to resist the wrongs they see happening in the world.

You see our Congressional leaders being asked to resist in the seemingly automatic follow-through of some to want to push through anything from Trump’s agenda. This includes his choices for cabinet, to his southern border wall or the banning of people coming to America.

Trump has people that have no qualifications for the positions they are being asked to take on. Ben Carson at Housing and Urban Development? Why? Because he’s African American? Dr. Carson was ¬†a neurosurgeon before entering politics. What the actual fuck is this appointment about! I would have understood if he’d hired one of his real estate buddies, but this one makes zero sense. … But not as least sense as Betsy DeVos as education security. I mean… the lady thinks having guns on campus is OK, because of the grizzly bears. Not to mention all of the alleged plagiarism in her questionnaire answers for her hearings. An education secretary. Plagiarizing. I’m sure this would piss off many an English teacher.

The Southern Border Wall. This was his big selling point during the election. I get why he’s big on doing this. I really do. But. He said Mexico was going to pay for this wall. They aren’t. And they are passionate in not paying for it. One of the proposals to pay for this wall is a tariff on items imported from Mexico. This would include avocados. In a local story I read on what this would do to my local economy in Arkansas, an avocado now costs 79-cents. The tariff would bring the price up to over two dollars. Mexican restaurants, and my home town has a ton of those little authentic restaurants, load up on avocados for guacamole. That damn wall is going to jack up the costs of guac, y’all.

Guac is extra. Yeah, we know. Thanks Trump!

The banning of people from certain countries is … horrible. It’s the most un-American thing I’ve ever heard. We are suppose to be the nation that is welcoming to people from oppressed regions. This has been the fabric of our country. I get wanting to protect the American people from evil. I do. But this is ridiculous. The stories of people being detained at airports over the weekend, including a 5-year-old boy, were heartbreaking. Sean Hannity of Fox News will tell you it’s only 109 people. But fuck that. It’s 109 too many.

The stories of people being questioned – including their thoughts on Trump and then having their social media examined … that’s pretty fucking fascist.

It would be nice to see all of this resisted. For our leaders to stand up for American values.

I would prefer a fucking challenge to the president’s, or Steven Bannon’s, ¬†actions.

In this time of Trump, that’s obviously way too much to ask.


Saturday Stuff

So, yeah. I really went off the blogging train this week!

It was a rough week and I’m sure writing would have helped but I had nothing productive to add. Too much uncontrollable stuff. I have faith that those things will work themselves out as they do.

I did have some thing really good happen though. I was able to go back to the gym this week! It felt great to get back in there. I did have to stop myself before I over did it. But no foot pain and I felt energized. I’m glad to know I can get back to that as another way of venting out my frustrations! I’ll set workout goals another time though!

Speaking of frustrations. Today’s topic for the 365 Writing Posts is a good one. January 14. Ripped from the headlines Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.

Any news site I go to these days just really infuriates me. But I’ll just lightly go through some of the news items I recall from the week and talk a little bit about it.

Donald Trump’s press conference this week? As someone who studied journalism and has been a journalist, that “press conference” was the worst thing I have ever seen.

I know Trump is an egomaniac narcissist, but seriously. If you want to be successful, you can’t go after the press like that. CNN is a respected news source and Trump compared them to trash. And for what? Reporting the news? The news that there is a dossier that has some, as CNN pointed out, unsubstantiated claims that you are one fucked up individual and Russia is basically blackmailing you. Considering the hacking scandal, I think it’s pretty important. There will be an investigation of this so Trump can’t ignore this. Although. He will probably tweet about it in the middle of the night…

Speaking of that…

Someone please take that man’s twitter away from him. That’s ridiculous that the president elect is tweeting the bull shit he tweets. Barack Obama had his Blackberry taken away from him. Someone take Trump’s Twitter. He’s going to get in more trouble. Wouldn’t you hate to get nuked because the president went off about North Korea at 3:30 AM on Twitter? Come on.

… I did like that President Obama presented Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That was awesome. I will miss those two. … Seriously.

Le Sigh! Here’s a puppy!

Have a great Saturday!

Love Does Trump Hate … Right?

The results of the 2016 Presidential election Tuesday night left me stunned, anxious and terrified.

I knew this country was deeply … deeply … divided.

I guess I was naive to think that a candidate who espoused hateful rhetoric couldn’t be my country’s president. A nation known as the great melting pot couldn’t have a leader that wanted to deport millions of people. It couldn’t have a leader who wants to ban a complete religious group from its borders. An individual who bragged about sexually assaulting women on the regular or just being down right misogynistic couldn’t be the leader of the United States of America.

No? Never? Well. Here we are.

Growing up an Arkansan, I know there is real dislike for Bill and Hillary Clinton. No matter how many wonderful things this couple has done, there is still that layer of distrust. I get it. I mean, the stuff with the e-mails was hard to swallow. Work e-mails should remain work e-mails. On a work server. She even admits that. … But honestly, it’s not even the e-mails. No matter what Joe Bob at the water cooler tells you it was “them e-mails.” It wasn’t. It was her. It was her 30+ years of public service. It was that she was part of the establishment. Hillary was apart of a government that hasn’t done much … mostly because of divisive politics.

The people that voted for Donald Trump wanted change.

But they didn’t want just any change. Because more changes would have happened in the Congress and Senate if the people really wanted change.

No. They wanted a change that appealed to their white, male, national pride. They wanted someone who said the things they are thinking. And it’s quite evident when you check social media. Latinos getting told their time is up at the gas station by some redneck? Muslim women refusing to wear their hijab for fear of angering some knuckle-dragger?

But, is this how Trump will really be as president? Get this… Just days before being elected, Trump’s campaign took down his hate filled statements about banning Muslims. And upon meeting President Obama, Trump said he really enjoyed meeting with the president and they had a great discussion that last an hour and half and could have gone longer in his words. Trump admitted they had never met and actually liked him.

Man. Imagine if Trump had only met President Obama sooner. … Imagine that!

But I digress.

Trump is also going to have to learn a lot about diplomacy on the political level. You have to have diplomacy skills in order to work with people and get things you want taken care of for the people you represent. So these morons that tell you they voted for him because he says what we’re thinking… well, you’re about to see how duped you got. If Trump were to continue his ways, he will have a Congress and Senate … and a nation revolt. And he will not get a thing done. That wall isn’t getting built and there is no way Mexico is paying for it.

He must learn that team work makes the dream work. There is no I in team.

I know many hoped he will surround himself with top minds. Rudy Giuliani as attorney general is abhorrent. Newt Gingrich as secretary of state? Fuck that. How about getting people that disagree with you? Gingrich, Giuliani and Chris Christie have been stroking your ego for months. They won’t be objective.

But most importantly? What will he do to bring this nation together? He has millions of people that elected him that want him to keep to his hate speech. They want Muslims gone. They want that wall built.

And then, he has millions more praying that he won’t be as awful as candidate Trump for President has been. They hope that all of that was just talk. That like meeting President Obama, he will have a discussion and it will be a good thing. That he will be diplomatic. That he will work with people do to what is right for the people … be it man, woman, black, white, gay, transgender, Muslim, Latino or disabled.

He has a great nation to lead. I hope that he can. … Our country depends on it.