I don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed all the time, these days!

The news is incredibly overwhelming. Just turning on the news or glancing at the alerts on your phone can send you into a veritable panic attack. There’s everything from President Trump, to the former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, being in bed with the Russians, to our government thinking it’s not a big deal that this has happened. I really think all parties involved, from Congress to our media, need to wake up and realize this isn’t good. The United States is an amazing place founded on principles of freedom … and this is all a spit in the face of it. Just… Come on America. Come on. We’re better.overwhelming-banner

Work. Work is just always overwhelming. I was promoted last year. I learn new stuff every single day. I like and hate the overwhelming feeling all the time. … Being unemployed is more overwhelming, though. I just remind myself of that every time I get stressed out about little stuff at work. Just acknowledging the stuff is little in comparison to other things is a huge step. It works for me.

Working a night shift that causes you to be exhausted all the time? At least, you have a job and you’re feeling these feelings.

And then Life. I love living. But damn, it’s overwhelming, too. Finding the time to do all that you need? Going to the gym to get that much needed work out in so you don’t rage at loved ones? Eating properly? Getting enough rest? Finding the time to write and do photography? Wanting to do every stinking thing you want but logically knowing you can’t right this second?

Yeah. It’s overwhelming. Acknowledge that and just do what you can. Everything else will be ok.




Day 1: Stroke of Midnight

januaryHappy New Year, friends!

As you know, one of my goals has been to write more. One of the tools I play to use is the 365 Writing Prompts from The Daily Post.

Even if I don’t use the prompt, I will still make my attempt to write something.  We will see how I do with this project.

Jan. 1. Stroke of Midnight Where were you last night when 2013 turned into 2014? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

I was absolutely no where near where I wanted to be!

At this point in my life, I was well on the struggle bus. It was real.

A couple of years earlier, I lost my job in the one industry that was exactly what I wanted. I was at a very small town newspaper. I knew that it wasn’t where I wanted to be long term, so I was in graduate school. I had spread my self way too thin and something gave. But it honestly wasn’t how I would have had it. I was let go from the newspaper for some very petty reasons. They should have just said, we don’t want you here anymore and I would have been more fine with it than what I was given. And you could tell they knew it as they were walking the reasons back. Either way, I was glad to be away from that job.

I thought at the time, it would give me time to find some little job and then I could finish up my degree.

Well. That was 2011 and the economy was still very gross.

My parents generously took their baby in and helped her while she finished her masters degree. They both have health issues and needed the extra hands. So, honestly, it worked out very well.

I finished up the masters degree in public administration in 2012. I was working for experience and gas money as a social media coordinator for a candidate for a state representative. She was very successful and I was pleased to have had a small hand in helping her. But my state’s budget is very small and she couldn’t afford to take on a social media coordinator full time. So, the job hunt began.

From 2012 to 2014, I had been on so many interviews, done so much freelance work that was actually my job. This time was also when my anxiety became a full blown issue as I felt at a point that I may never actually have a full time job ever again. And that was unbelievably frustrating. I would never say I hit depression over it. I was anxious and frustrated. I know I am talented, have lots of abilities and a very hard worker. I was employable.

So yeah, when they clock struck midnight on 2014, I was no where near where I wanted to be.

Patience paid off that year as that fall I finally found a job. It’s been a wild ride… as I was even laid off for a month at the firm due to business stuff but I am now in a position with the company where I am doing well. I worked my way up to a supervisory position for a client at the customer service firm. I worked hard to get to that position this year. I knew I wanted to do the position I am in now from the moment I began working with this client. And now, my goals have changed work wise, I want to get better at this job and see where I can go from there.

If you had told me before 2011 that this is what I would be doing, I would have just looked at you. When the clock struck midnight in 2014, I would have said, bring it!

Now, I am pleased and looking ahead to what’s in the future for me.