Microblog Monday: Would you Champ?

Champing, according to Atlas Obscura, is the act of traveling to a church and sleeping in said church. Like Church Camping.


It’s a thing in England established by the Churches Conservation Trust. The trust oversees the preservation of historic churches throughout Southeast England. Champing provides rural villages a way of offsetting the maintenance of these historic church buildings, while offering travelers a very unusual place to stay. So if there is an old church you’d like to check out, maybe you could champ there.

It sounds really cool. There are so many interesting older churches in England. Other than what may haunt you if you champ there, it might be a really cool adventure. The architecture and stories would be well worth it. This also sounds like a potential good idea for churches in New England. Imagine champing at a church in Salem, Massachusetts … especially in October? … Yeah, maybe not! But I would definitely have my camera ready!

I would be up for the adventure of checking out the old churches. But sleeping? The picture I located makes it look plausible. I would consider it.

How about you? Champing? Comment below!

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