Day 2: Resolved

Today was my first day back at work after the New Year weekend. Wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Tomorrow may be different, but we shall see.january-1

But! Look at me, I’ve made it to day two.

January 2 Resolved Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

First things first, never been one to make resolutions. I am more of a goal maker! That said, yes, I have been successful in New Year goals.

One of my main goals every year, has been to improve my health.

As I mentioned yesterday,  I have some anxiety issues and with that came issues with weight fluctuation. I’m talking it went down a great bit when I was anxious and then medications allowed it to come back up. And then some. I wanted to exercise but I just didn’t feel … right. It was the weight, anxiety and living in a farming community – so, I’ve developed asthma over the years, and it got worse during that time. Nothing was really working. I consulted my doctor. Who had me consult a dietitian. And for me? That was a really good idea.

Cutting back on high carb items, cutting down on sodas and other sugary stuffs. I started slowly implementing the changes into my diet and then adding exercise.

Another dietary change? Almond Milk with cereal. I’m not a fan of almonds, but my body isn’t a fan of lactose. I’m a fan of it. I don’t feel as yucky after having milk now. I still get a splash of it with coffee.

Additionally, I added more exercise this year after I was able to join Planet Fitness.

The dietary changes have stuck… I do have to have a Coke or sweet Iced Tea every once in a while, but I am not going to punish myself over it. Just exercise a little more and make sure to down some water later.

That said? I feel SO much better.

And I have kept the same goal for this year. Just keep improving on it. Keep these small changes and continue on this path. Let me know about your resolutions, goals or if you’ve had good life changes after a New Year goal.

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