So Long 2016, You Were … Something

Today’s the last day of 2016. Let’s discuss!happy-new-year-2017

  • I got a promotion at work. I’m so thankful for that because I worked my tail off for it. It’s a complete challenge everyday and while I find myself wanting to slap some folks around, it’s much better than what I was doing.
  • I lost a beloved uncle, an aunt, who was my mom’s older sister, and two cousins, who were the children of said aunt. I think I’ll remain heartbroken over all four of those losses for sometime.
  • The electoral college of my country voted in a narcissistic, misogynistic, xenophobic douche canoe of a person. I am really nervous about what Donald Trump’s presidency will bring. Will we make it through 2017? Will there be 4 years of his crap? Even worse, could we have 8 years? I’m hoping the legislative and judicial branches keep him in check. I hope that the media does their job. I guess we shall see!
  • The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. … Ok, let’s be honest. I’m more pissed that the St. Louis Cardinals finished second behind the Cubs and didn’t even make the playoffs. And that they seemed content with it. I will say that I am glad that Jaime Garcia has been traded. I’m glad they picked up Dexter Fowler and Brett Cecil. I hope they have another trade or signing up their sleeves. I want my team competitive in 2017. Same ole crap ain’t going to cut it anymore! … Yeah, read that with the most southern accent ever!
  • I am thankful that my friends had good years as well! New baby, new jobs and a multitude of successes and adventures. I am happy I have good, supportive, amazing friends!

Now, let’s talk about some goals for 2017.

  • Write more. Whether it is here or somewhere else, writing is a very important outlet for me and I have to do it. I am not in top form if I am not writing. So. You’ll be seeing more from me.
  • Work on my photography more. I have said this for many years now, but I really want to work on it more. Maybe make some money for it. Photojournalism was my first degree from college so. I love photography. It’s also a good outlet. I’ll definitely keep you up to date with what I do there.
  • Continue my goal of being more healthy. I have a real slip up over the past week. I have a foot ailment that is quite painful. I have not been able to hit the treadmill/gym as needed because hobbling stinks. It’s starting to feel some what better so hopefully I’ll be able to hit the gym … along with all the others with exercise goals! I’d state more goals here – like a race or something – but with my foot in so much pain, I just really want to be able to function!
  • If it’s fiscally possible, a new car.
  • If it’s fiscally possible, travel.
  • If it’s fiscally possible, BASEBALL.
  • Avoid the news. This Trump stuff is depressing. Anxiety inducing. That said I’ll read more, watch more Netflix/Hulu/etc or take up something new. As a news junkie, this pains me more than you know. But news has been gross lately.
  • Keep improving. Whether it is a work, writing, photography, friendship … I just want to always improve.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017! Be safe. Be happy.

Feel free to comment and tell me some of your goals for 2017!

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