Micoblog Monday – Order What?

Today’s Microblog Monday topic just floored me. Why? Because I can’t even!

Would you ever let someone choose what you’re going to eat at a restaurant?

Absolutely not!

First off, it’s mostly because I am too picky for words. I don’t like certain foods mainly because I just don’t like the thought of eating it. Or the texture doesn’t appeal to me. And then there are flavors that I’ve tried and won’t try again. Or just don’t want to try.

Secondly. And this is probably obvious. I’m a control freak.

The very thought of someone else picking what I eat is almost more than I can handle.

Sure, you’ll probably get it right. If I am in this situation with you, you’ll more than likely know this about me. You’ll know what I like and what I find gross. You’ll know what textures and flavors repulse me. There are maybe a handful of people I’d let pick what I eat at a restaurant. And there are some that I would get up and walk out if I had to let them choose.

See? This just isn’t an ideal situation for control freaks! Oh my goodness!

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