Happy New Year! Goals for 2016

Ok, first things first! 
Yeah, I made that. Thanks, Canva! 😉

I’ve never been really great at doing New Year resolutions. I’m more of a goal setter. So let’s talk a little about my goals for 2016.

* Enjoy life. It’s simple enough. But y’all, I get anxious and let silly stuff stress me out. Remembering to take the time to enjoy the little things … friends and family, and getting to spend time with them and not take anything for granted. It’s important.

* Get Healthy. I have been working on this one for a while. But I am going to take the step to join a gym, again, this year. A new one is opening here and has better hours (24/7) so, Why not! I also want to step up and do a race this year. Even if it is a virtual. Yeah, ok, I’ll do a 5K and move up in distance from there. I have friends who do half marathons for funsies, so why not!

* Improve Diet. I’ve lowered my carb intake, began using Almond Milk, drinking more water, eating more fruits. I basically wanted to continue on the track I’m on and improve!

* Make this little place awesome! I want to make this a nice place where I can share my thoughts and talk with y’all! I have lots of ideas so we shall see what happens here.

* Work on my photography. I have a photojournalism degree. I enjoy taking pictures. It’s incredibly relaxing and a nice form of expression. I want to do some more of it this year. Whether it’s starting something big or just sell a few shots. We’ll see!

* Improve myself financially. Nuff said.  Plans.

* Travel. This will happen easier when I improve myself financially. So. This is a hopeful goal!

So. That’s it for now. I have a few other personal goals that I’ll work on.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun and successful 2016. All my love!

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