Random Thoughts 12-30-15

I may do this random thought thing every now and then. So. Sit back and enjoy this first edition!

* While I love Adele’s newest hit, Hello. I think if you really look at the words to the song, it’s an incredibly bad idea. Getting in touch with an old love to talk about things and get closure? Sure. It sounds amazing in theory. But when you get honest with yourself … that self that called someone a thousand times and got no answer … you know this isn’t a good idea. Enjoy the song. Don’t take it to heart.

* Fitbit’s sleep analysis option is of the devil. I’ve had my Fitbit for about a year now. I absolutely love it. The little device on wrist has helped me tremendously to stay motivated to get fit. I get a little crazy sometimes to meet a step goal, or whatever goal I happen to set for the day. It’s how I work. And, it’s helped. Recently, though, the fine developers at Fitbit pushed an update that improved the sleep analysis feature. I got curious. I kept it on while I slept just to see what happened.

Not a great idea! I think the best I got in the week I tested this was 4 hours. I guess I move around or something. But I do think I sleep better than this though. One little issue with the week long test? I am an extremely anxious person. I began getting anxious that I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

Not cool! 
Basically? I’ll keep using the Fitbit to keep me motivated to move it, move it. 
* I’m trying to decide if I enjoy El Nino or Polar Vortex – like winters. Honestly, I only like small doses of snow, not a fan of being cold and enjoy warmer temperatures that allow for being comfortablel outside. So, El Nino winters obviously win. I just don’t enjoy rain that dumps devastating floods. 
So. Happy medium weather Gods! Work on that.
* Speaking of weather. I’m not sure if it’s the weather getting a little colder, and so much rain lately, or even a Christmas Hangover, but wow, I’ve felt a funk lately. The weather is improving a bit and a new year with new possibilities is upon us, so let’s hope this week improves … and I get some sleep! We don’t need me all anxious heading into the new year! 
Got any random thoughts or comments for me? Comment or send me a message! Take care! 

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 12-30-15

  1. Adele can do no wrong in my eyes, but I have had some of the same thoughts as you when talking to my 18-year old daughter. If you've tried calling someone a thousand times with no answer, one… you might be a stalker. And two…if they haven't answered or called back, probably means they don't feel the same need to rehash the past. But it's just a song, and I try not to think about it too much. LOL

    I've been considering getting a FitBit. I walk a lot and it would be nice to see just exactly how much I walk each day, and it would be nice to track my sleep patterns, which are forever changing.

    Stopping by from the BlogHer Writing Lab FB group.


  2. You should definitely try out a Fitbit. It will help with your walking and seeing how you are doing there and with your sleep.

    Wholeheartedly agree about Adele. She's great, but let's not promote stalking! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!


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